Elizabeth Redhead Kriston

Author and Educator

Word Menders Series - Go by Goat

All Word Menders books come with flashcards and a handy pocket for storage.

It’s a very special day.
It’s a very important date!

Little Miss Elephant has invited all of her friends to join her for a very special party.
Some come by sea, some by train, some by goat. Will they make it in time to 

celebrate with her?

Reviews section:


  • Ms. Kriston has done a magnificent job of blending phonemic and prosodic features of language. Read the book aloud and you realize that is has a wonderful meter that children will be able to use to repeat the story to themselves. The concept of generating stories around phonological processes is unique and beneficial to parents and children. Dr. and Mrs. Larry Turton (Dr. Turton is a well-respected expert in articulation and phonology and a professor emeritus from Indiana University of Pennsylvania).
  • Goats, boats, and flying couches! Children will love this fun and whimsical story and enjoy playing with the flashcards. Engaging pictures, challenging words, and important consonant sounds makes this book highly effective for progressing children's speech.

Great Book

My daughter loves Go By Goat! She loves the flashcards that go along with it. She repeats quite a few words while I read it to her. It is a very cute book!
    ~By Becky Drass on December 26, 2014

An excerpt from Friday April 4, 2014

Dr. Roberson introduced other books produced by her publishing company, Read With Me! Press, which support language and literacy development. Speech therapists will especially appreciate the stories in their “Word Menders” series, which target specific phonological processes.

You don’t need to be a speech therapist or to understand those processes to read these stories to children. Elizabeth Redhead Kriston’s Go By Goat, charmingly illustrated by Gary Morgan, will help children listen to and pronounce the final consonants in words.  Since this sound often disappears when some of my younger students speak, I’ll be putting the book to good use.



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