Elizabeth Redhead Kriston

Author and Educator

Ma, Everybody's Mother

  The Incomplete Life Story of Cecelia Veronica (Jucha) Pitrone Interspersed with the Musings of an Inarticulate Granddaughter

The members of the "Greatest Generation" did not earn this moniker lightly. It seems as though they operated on a different level in whatever they did. Their resolve, ingenuity, and a passion for family was at the heart of any and all accomplishments. As we begin to lose these resilient members of society, how important it becomes to record their stories. 

This memoir is a detailed one recorded by a loving granddaughter after extensive talks with her devoted and loving grandmother, Cecelia (Ceal) Pitrone. The matriarch of a large extended family that she and her husband, Frank, started with the birth of nine children. Life was hard, but there was no shortage of love nor good memories. Adventure and twists of fate waited around every corner and to see how Ceal handled it all is nothing less than inspiring. 

Step into the pages of this book and you will become another cherished member of the family.

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Sweet and Honest, July 25, 2014
~By Dana
This review is from: Ma, Everybody's Mother (Paperback)
A bittersweet and honest tribute to everyone's favorite family matriarch - the Grandma. The author graciously
allows us a glimpse into her sacred family life while we learn the life story of her sweet and golden-hearted
Grandmother - "Ma" . Ma created a rich life with nothing more than family and the bare necessities. Anyone
who loves family, history, (and of course their own Grandmother!) will love this book. You will feel as if you
gained another Grandma and family in the process.


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