Elizabeth Redhead Kriston

Author and Educator

Word Menders Series - Pants on Ants

All Word Menders books come with flashcards and a handy pocket for storage.

Pants on ants?  Eggs with legs?  Apes with capes?  
From playtime to bedtime, things are “just not right”!
Pants on Ants is a fabulous, fun romp that engages
children (and adults too!) with its vivid imagery and
strong rhythm and rhyme.


My daughter has asked to read this book every day since it arrived.
The flashcards are really terrific. My son loves to create new stories with them!
The rhymes are fun and in no time kids are filling in the story from memory. I can't wait for the next book in the series!
As a mom of an emergent reader and a kindergarten teacher for 10 years, I say add this to your book collection today!

Kids are really loving this book. It's fun and the cards keep them interested in learning. I would recommend to anyone!
         ~By Richard Mimis on April 6, 2014

Pants on Ants is a great book for little kids. I recently bought this for my four year old niece, and while she does not have need of speech therapy, she still enjoyed the book. In fact, because of the way the book is made, with detachable flash cards, my niece enjoys this book more than any others she has in her collection right now. She loves to play with the flash cards and match the pictures and read the words. Each time I visit her we read the book together and spend time playing with the flash cards. I highly recommend this book for any young child who is learning to read or is having difficulty with pronunciation. This book also has a great story dealing with the abstract and difficult subject of dreams, teaching children how to differentiate between dreams and reality. It is not just practice with reading and pronunciation, but also has a great story, therefore making it an ideal book to add to any child's collection. I hope that Redhead Kriston writes another children's book that is as good as this one!
         ~By Jennifer on August 13, 2013

Pants on Ants is an exciting adventure through a child's dream. The whimsical illustrations add an adventure of their own finding the "eye peeping out of my cherry pie", checking out the ants in their pants to see what they are up to and whoever heard of eggs with legs and "stinky feet"? This is a book that will be read over and over again with the bonus of the flashcards to add to the fun.
5.0 out of 5 starsPants on Fire!
         ~Andrea P

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