Word Menders Series

All children go from babbling “mama” and “dada” to saying real words like “dog, juice, and all-done,” but getting from babbles to words takes time and practice. Along the way early talkers make mistakes and these mistakes often end up as adorable little mispronunciations that we have come to expect from the mouths of babes. What child hasn’t said “baba” for “bottle” or “tar” for “car?” I am sure your own children or grandchildren have said things the wrong way and it inevitably makes you smile. However, sometimes these normal developmentally expected errors make it hard to understand the tots in our lives. Helping them move through this normal language development would make life easier and help kids get what they want and need with less frustration for everyone involved.

The Word Menders Series of books does just that. Speech therapists know how and why kids change words as they learn to speak clearly. Using this knowledge, Elizabeth Redhead Kriston (Liz), a speech therapist herself, conceived a series of fun to read children’s books that will help little ones pronounce their words correctly, and hopefully, at an earlier age. By imbedding well known and widely used therapy techniques in her stories along with techniques to boost early literacy learning, Liz has developed a series of books that all children and families can benefit from and enjoy.

Each Word Menders book comes with removable flashcards and a handy pocket in the back for storage. The books offer guidelines for how to use them and the flashcards to extend the book reading experience into something even more interactive and educational. Moms, dads and even speech therapists will find this series of books useful and kids love them too!



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