Elizabeth Redhead Kriston

Author and Educator


Liz Kriston, an author, a presenter, a teacher, and a speech therapist; her skills and knowledge can be defined through the strategies she uses to present information to her audiences. When reading to children, she gives vivid examples to engage young minds through vocabulary which are reinforced with pictures, predictable texts engaging story lines. For her adult audiences she gives strategies on how to use details, to invite friendly questions and encourage critical thinking. These wonderful story lines and silly rhymes are part of her clever engagement of both her adult and child audiences.

~Joyce Black
Cambria County Early Intervention Coordinator


"I have known Liz for about 8 years now. We met when she came to my house for speech therapy lessons for my 2 year old twins who both have autism. She showed patience, kindness and knowledge. She helped navigate this family along the path of raising children with autism. Since the boys home therapy ended, Liz and I have stayed in contact. She remained a person I contacted with questions and has since become a friend. I purchased the books she wrote for my boys. As a reading specialist in an elementary school, I kept her skills in mind. I recommended her to the librarian as a guest speaker for the entire elementary school. She was very well received. Most recently, she brought her skills and knowledge to my school as a presenter for parents, teaching about literacy skills that parents could use at home. It was also a success. Liz has been a wonderful resource, both in my personal and professional career."

~Karalyn S Arotin


We were thrilled to host Liz at Highland Community Library for a story time program. She was able to model reading behaviors that our parents were able to apply. Our toddlers were captivated both by the story and by Liz's storytelling. Her program was a perfect match for our early literacy focus.
~Ashley Flynn, Librarian

In your class titled: Children's Books as Therapy Tools in Early Literacy, your audience felt your course content was relevant and complete.  They commented that you did an exemplary job of presenting in an engaging and enthusiastic manner.  

Your attendees also had these specific comments to share with you about this course:
This class contained all of the content advertised and was presented as well as I had expected!
We thank you again for your participation, we wish you the very best for your future speaking engagements and we hope to see you at a future OSLHA Convention!

Chelsea Bailey

Association Manager
Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Becoming an Author presentation feedback
Presented to fourth grade students in May 2016
"Very interesting! The kids seem to really enjoy it! Some kids even started to write after the assembly!"
~Anonymous, Fourth Grade Teacher
“I thought the presentation was very informative and paced just right for fourth graders. I enjoyed learning about your personal story and motivation in becoming an author.”
~Rae Welling, Fourth grade Teacher

Liz has come to read to my class several times over the last few years.  Her visits are always greatly anticipated!  After her first visit several teachers asked if she could also do a visit with their classes.  She is so good with the children and talks to them on their level!!  She has motivated my students to become better readers and writers!  The children are so excited to meet a real author, especially one that has written books that we have read and are classroom favorites!

~ Deborah Loevlie, 2nd Grde Teacher

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